You are Unique

You at your best

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Our process

Each session is custom designed with the goal of creating superb images of you.

– How can we set you apart?

– How can we help you along your career path?

– What are you best at?

– What do you express through dance?

During your session we begin with structured poses and portraits, transitioning to more creative poses and lighting.
A full team of professionals and assistants will ensure your technique, expression, and energy are captured in the best possible way. 

The results are ideal images showcasing you at your best.

You are Unique

You at your best

share your journey



A note regarding our pricing and COVID-19:
The economic effects of COVID-19 have been devasting, and the performing arts were hit particularly hard. As dancers and photographers, what do we do now? Here at Studio1761 we have developed a new collaboration-based business model that minimized the dancer’s costs. Please contact us for more details on how we can work together to create the images that show “You at Your Best.”

Everyone’s needs are different; one person might need digital files in low resolution for social media; another high resolution for submissions, another wall-art, etc. This is why we prefer to discuss your needs, formulate a plan, and work out an agreement individually. Your costs will be appropriate, since you won’t be buying unneeded packages and/or products. 

We firmly believe in having a clear understanding established and signed before the photo session – our goal is for you to have no questions on the day of the photo session.