Our Mission, Purpose,
Values, and Methods:


We express the beauty of the part of God’s creation that is dance.


To communicate the visible and invisible essence of the dancer and the dance.


Serve each person, in that way serve God. 

Professionalism in the highest sense of the word.

Translate performing art to visual art, creating permanence.

 Uncover the spiritual nature of dance – “photograph the invisible”

Reveal underlying beauty.

Create collaborative projects vs “photo shoots.”

Do what it takes to make others look good.

Always deliver more than is expected.

Have fun at working hard.


Use a collaborative approach, combining the knowledge,

 skills, abilities, and attributes of everyone on the imaging team.

Make the process enjoyable for all.

Continually improve the artistic and technical ability of everyone involved.

Create significant images that are bright, animate, and meaningful, 

showcasing the dancer’s unique attributes.

Identify the unseen, observing beauty where it resides, show the familiar in a new light.

Use both planned and spontaneous approaches. (“make a good plan, and work from there) or

 (“Man makes many plans, but the Lord directs the steps”).

Using technology and expertise capture ideal moments, producing permanent 

artifacts for the advancement of the art of dance.

You are Unique

You at your best

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Mark Schermeister


Mark is an ardent photographer who has been behind a camera of some type since
1966, a darkroom technician, has photographed weddings and portraits, been published
in numerous periodicals, and just about anything photographic over the years. He
describes himself as “having 56 years’ experience and still a student.”

You are Unique

You at your best

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Brittany Kernohan

Artistic Director and Technical Subject Expert

Brittany Kernohan earned her Bachelors of Performing Arts from New World School of
the Arts in Miami. She has performed nationally and internationally, including
performing at the Goyang International Dance Festival in South Korea in 2017.  
She is the founder, owner, and director of Selah Academy, a dance school which
endeavors to build each student’s dance technique as well as character. She believes
as strongly in the power of a great dance education as she does about creating
beautiful, loving and strong students. Brittany also founded the non-profit organization
Selah’s Song to promote dance education for students financially not able to pursue
dance.  She’s passionate about dance and aims to provide excellent dance education to
each and every student.   Her students have been accepted to programs at Miami City
Ballet, ABT, SAB, New World School of the Arts, Alvin Ailey, Dance Theatre of Harlem
and Joffrey Ballet. Brittany is also currently on staff at Miami City Ballet as a teacher for the Children’s
Division. Brittany is an ABT® Certified teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT®
Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level III of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.
She is also a member of The International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.
Her personal and professional objective is to be and encourage her faculty and staff to
be “Graceful, disciplined, and loving.”

You are Unique

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